Episode 6: Kai Davis on How to Do Better Outreach Through Podcasting

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The PodcastMotor Show
The PodcastMotor Show
Episode 6: Kai Davis on How to Do Better Outreach Through Podcasting

Today I sit down with outreach consultant Kai Davis to talk about guest appearing on podcasts.  Kai has helped dozens of high level freelancers, product creators, and entrepreneurs do better and more effective outreach, primarily via podcasting.  Doing this effectively can be so impactful to gaining a broader reach in your niche and share your name and thoughts with many more potential customers.

In a day when many believe that SEO is essentially dead on the vine, outreach and guest appearances are a great way to build your rankings not just in Google, but more importantly amongst your audience’s world.

Kai and I dig into the details of exactly how he does outreach for his consulting customers.  These steps include:

  • How to choose the best shows for your business objectives
  • How to pitch a variety of shows to gain the broadest exposure to your target audience
  • How to engage show hosts in a way that gives them more chances to say YES
  • Building on previous appearances to gain notoriety momentum

To get a fully customized content promotion checklist just for Podcastonomics listeners from Kai, head over to DoubleYourAudience.com/PodcastMotor.  This resource is a sure way to help you do better outreach and get your name front and center in your audience’s mind.

If you’d like to hear more from Kai on how to do proper outreach in your business or how he could help you with it, head over to DoubleYourAudience.com or hit him up on Twitter @KaiSDavis