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Free Up Time and Enhance Audio Quality with Easy Podcast Editing

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Easy Podcast EditingThis post is part of a series of Podcast Motor Customer Success Stories. In this interview with Nathan Ellering of the Actionable Marketing Podcast and CoSchedule, we talk about how we helped free up time and enhance the audio quality of AMP with our easy podcast editing service.

CoSchedule is the #1 Marketing Calendar for everything you need organized. It’s an amazing tool that handles everything from blog management and marketing to social media and content marketing. It enables individuals or teams to plan all of their content efforts in one easy to use place.

This company is more than that, though. They are content marketers with an amazingly informative blog, and they offer tons of resources and tools to make all aspects of content marketing easier.

Their resources page contains downloadable packets with guides, worksheets, and checklists focused on all aspects of content marketing, and their headline tool is the go-to resource for effective blog and social media headlines.

Customer Success

Why Podcasting

Podcasting is another form of content marketing and CoSchedule has created an amazing blog.

They also base decisions on data, so they asked their audience what new type of content would they prefer. The answer that came back was podcasting, and it seemed like the right fit for their next content media.

Why Podcasting

Podcasting Benefits for CoSchedule

The Actionable Marketing Podcast (AMP) focuses on actionable advice that you can actually use. It’s a newer podcast that just started in October, yet they are already seeing results from their efforts.

They feature a specific call-to-action in each episode and have already seen results with dozens of new trial sign-ups from the podcast alone. The podcast also reaches a new audience and offers a different perspective.

It also gives the team an opportunity to share some of the behind the scenes action and show what they can do using their unique voice. It’s also a great way to reach out and connect with customers and power users.

An added bonus when talking with these customers is that they often will give an unsolicited testimonial and talk about CoSchedule in a way that benefits listeners and the team. Featuring customers is also a way for the team to give back and say thank-you.

A podcast gave us a way to feature our customers and have them organically or naturally talk about CoSchedule without us prying too deep. And that is something we like. I try to find really good customers and feature them on the podcast. Sometimes they talk about us, and sometimes they don’t, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a way for us to say thank-you.”         Nathan Ellering

The podcast has also been great for relationship building. Talking and networking with others in the industry who are big advocates for the idea behind CoSchedule has led to business relationships and collaboration.

For instance, this led to doing a webinar, blog post, and Twitter chat with Rebekah Radice the CMO of Post Planner. Podcasting makes the relationship building easy.

Podcast Benefits

Nathan’s Podcast Workflow for the Actionable Marketing Podcast

Nathan has an intricate and well-planned workflow for getting the best results from his podcast guest interviews.

  • He begins by going through his list of potential guests and prioritizing.
  • He has a stock email template, but he customizes it for each specific guest and sends it out with a Calendly link.
  • He has a quick initial call with the guest that serves two purposes. He makes sure they are focused on a specific actionable topic and gets a gauge for how many questions he needs to create.
  • This is also a chance for him to hear the guests audio and make any audio or microphone suggestions that may be needed.
  • He then creates the questions and sends them to the guest along with a request to set up the main interview appointment.
  • Nathan then records the podcast. Afterward, he records the introduction, middle call-to-action, and conclusion.
  • Then he puts all of the parts in dropbox.
  • Podcast Motor edits the audio and puts the show together with music, intros, outros, etc. Along with show notes that can be used as a blog post with the podcast.
  • Podcast Motor sends these files back to Nathan through dropbox and he and his team have full creative control over edits and approvals.
  • Then they send it to their designer to create graphics and hit the publish button.

Podcasts Build Relationships

Podcast Motor Offers Solutions

Nathan and the CoSchedule team are busy creating amazing content and keeping their customers informed and happy. They want to produce quality content with quality audio production. But they don’t have the hours and manpower needed to make that happen.

Podcast Motor steps in and not only handles everything from the moment Nathan drops the raw files into dropbox, but the Podcast Motor team ensures that Nathan has full creative control by providing draft copies and being responsive to feedback and edit requests.

By working with you guys, I am guaranteed that we will have an episode to listen to that will be published next week, and when I have to make edits they will be done the next day. I can count on that. It’s like having a team member that does their job and doesn’t get distracted by other things.”  Nathan Ellering

Nathan has also said that he has been extremely impressed with the quality of the work produced by Podcast Motor and that he and CoSchedule CEO, Garrett Moon have talked about how easy the PM team makes getting changes and edits finished.

Fast Edits

Nathan also knows some well known content marketers who weren’t using Podcast Motor and gave up on podcasting because of all of the production demands. He has even gone as far as to recommend our service to some high profile content marketers.

Working with Nathan and the team at CoSchedule has been a wonderful experience and the team at Podcast Motor is privileged to have such amazing customers.